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Help light the path away from violence

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Let's Fight Violence Together

The mission of CasaLuz is to prevent and reduce domestic violence and other violent crimes in the Spanish-speaking community and to promote equal access to justice and other services.

Our culturally specific services consider a client’s culture and beliefs and are performed in the client’s native language, which provides a clearer understanding and eliminates barriers to exercising rights.

Our bilingual/bicultural advocates educate, improve the quality of life of, and empower Hispanic/Latinx clients by providing legal advocacy and other support services; sharing information about the cycle and dynamics of violence; helping them to know and exercise their legal rights; and facilitating access and referrals to legal and social services in their native language (Spanish). CasaLuz provides services with integrity and respect. We are dedicated to preventing and reducing domestic violence and other violent crimes in the Hispanic/Latinx communities by providing advocacy, support, and resources.

We assist clients regardless of immigration status and strive to provide fair and equal access to justice for all.

Our holistic approach aims to promote healing, foster well-being, and help clients and their families live free of violence and fear.

All services are free and confidential.

Your financial support will help us continue providing vital services to bring hope, healing, and the opportunity for lives free of violence to our clients and their children. Your gift will help inform and empower Hispanic/Latinx members of the Memphis and Shelby County area and make our community a better and safer place.